BSG Game Development Diary 2

BSG Game Development Diary: Ep 2 -Basic Map Design and Game Design Documents

Nat gives a quick overview of her map-making process in Unity (and The Sims 2), as well as some basic information on Game Design Documents and why they're so important.
Black Shepherd Games Game Development Updates

BSG Game Development Diary: Ep 1 - Making a Horror Game in Unity

Nat gives a summary of the project that the team at Black Shepherd Games are working on, as well as some basic information on development and premise.
Black Shepherd Games Game Development Updates

We've Lost Our Minds: BSG Project Updates

Fuboo, Nat, and LaughingMan give you updates on the Your Boyfriend visual novel and their horror game development.
10 Games that Changed Our Lives


We look back on nearly three decades of gaming and give you the top 10 games that changed our lives. What are the games that had the biggest positive affect on you?
Friday the 13th


LlamaPockets becomes a sadistic Jason Vorhees in Friday the 13th: The Game. LaughingMan is the last camp counselor, but will the their friendship survive this game of predator and prey?
Nat Unity 3D Silent Hill level development

Building a Silent Hill Inspired Level for a Horror Experiment

Nat streams as she develops a Silent Hill inspired 3D Unity level for her University horror game dissertation.
Top Guilty Pleasure Video Games

Our Top Guilty Pleasure Video Games (and WHY)

As if our gamer cred wasn't already teetering on the edge of a cliff, this is where we toss ourselves down to the rocks below. We give you our guilty pleasure list of our favorite "bad games", and why we still love them.


Yeah, we figured.

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