Our Top Guilty Pleasure Video Games (and WHY)

Our Top Guilty Pleasure Video Games (and WHY)

As if our gamer cred wasn’t already teetering on the edge of a cliff, this is where we toss ourselves down to the rocks below. We give you our guilty pleasure list of our favorite “bad games”, and why we still love them.

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Thanks largely to other YouTube gaming personalities, we’ve seen numerous videos and lists of bad video games. And while several of the games on our own list of Guilty Pleasure Video Games make repeat appearances on those “worst video games of all time” videos and lists, LaughingMan and LlamaPockets still have lots of fun with them. Whether it’s nostalgia goggles, or the games have been patched into playability, or the “professional game journalists” are talking out of the wrong hole, we still love them…

Sort of.
Kind of?

Maybe not… But we certainly still play them.

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