About Us

Black Shepherd Games is an independent video game development studio created by two gamer/programmers, Matt and Nat.

Matt is a “boomer”, a veteran of various pop-culture wars of the 90s to present, a programmer by trade, and an (allegedly) humorous z-list YouTube celebrity by pure happenstance.

Nat is currently a student at a prestigious British video game development university, who became a fan of horror games beginning at the tender age of 4 when her dad left Resident Evil 2 running on the PlayStation.

Our third, unaccredited member or Black Shepherd Games is our German Shepherd mix mascot, Calamity. While we originally wanted to call our game studio “Calamity Games”, we felt it was as ominously foreshadowing as choking on the tea leaves while playing Tarot Card Texas Hold’em.

Together we are working together to ultimately break the 9-to-5 of the ill-fated, keyboard-jockey life, and fulfill our age-old goals of becoming masters-and-commanders as video game creators. While we are still in the beginning phase of our new ventures, we intend to supplement our work with various forms of video content to document the progression of our work, as well as create unique on-line video content. We’re still finding our footing, but with the help of a previously existing, very loyal fanbase, we hope to provide our fans and followers with more than just the equivalent of sugar-rush YouTube content. Instead, we want to really dig into our bag of ideas, tickle the brain-meats, and actually make a product that, like a paleo diet, you won’t be able to shut up about.

“What makes you two think you have a chance in the games industry?”

What makes us think we have a chance in the ‘real world’, with the prevalent horror stories of programmers and developers seem to be disposable assets?

While there is no certainty is what we’re doing, nothing ventured = nothing gained.

In addition, Matt has more than a decade of business experience in the programming field, is a veteran gamer, and is addicted to reading video game development journals and game postmortems. Nat has a deeper understanding of the game development technology, game programming, and has studied video game theory. Both are also competitive and are continuously trying to one-up each other to become better creators.

We’d say that, with complimentary skill sets and experience, our chances are ‘fair’. 😉

“Why e-beg? Don’t you two have jobs?”

Yes, and that’s exactly why we want to put in the work and effort into charting our own courses, and become creators adhering to our calling. We love making games. We love sitting in a coffee shop and programming. We love sitting in a quiet room and writing down ideas that we think would be fun. We love playing video games and thinking of ways to make them better-

A bit too melodramatic, yeah?

In short, we want to eventually be able to devote more of our time to creating our passion projects instead of trading hours of our life for someone else’s.

And what’s better: we want YOU to be a part of this journey. Perhaps there’s something we can all teach each other as we go?

“Okay, I can respect that. But what’s in it for me?”

We might not be able to offer much, but at least we would like to make you guys feel like you’re actually being rewarded for your support. In other words: No intangible ‘Thank You!’s or pointless names in the credits. (Unless that’s something you actually want, that is. If that’s the case, then sure. It doesn’t really cost us anything, and we’d be happy to do it.)

But for now our majority of our tried-and-true donation incentives is just selling ourselves. We like to chat, and hang out with cool and interesting people. So if you get our dry/edgy sense of humor, why not join us on a stream?

We might amend and/or expand the list of rewards as time goes on. For the time being, however, we want to keep our asking prices affordable and our rewards competitive with other on-line personalities. Creating

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Ummm… If you like what we’re doing, then we can give the usual “like, subscribe, and share”? Yeah, it’s a cliche, but every little bit of support and publicity helps.

— — —

And so here we are. You’ve heard our story. So, if you’d like to help us create new and exciting game content, please help us out anyway you feel like it. In return, we promise that we’ll do our best make it worth your while by bringing you the best content we can!

Thank you!
– Black Shepherd Games