Final Fantasy VII Remake Review: Spoilers and Speculations

Final Fantasy VII Remake Review: Spoilers and Speculations

LlamaPockets and LaughingMan have played the original Final Fantasy VII on Playstation and PC at least 4x through, respectively. What do these two Boomers think of the Final Fantasy VII Remake? Spoilers ahead!

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After hearing rumors of Tetsuya Nomura (of Kingdom Hearts infamy) having a hand in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, a concerned LaughingMan cheated and, like Don Corneo, peeked up Cloud’s skirt to see the spoilers. Having played the original Final Fantasy VII, and eager to ramble about exactly how the story of the Final Fantasy VII Remake compares to the original game, he invites his long-time friend and fellow gamer, LlamaPockets, to discuss the revelations. Being notoriously bad at spoiling plot points, LaughingMan bites his tongue and waits impatiently as LlamaPockets finishes the game faster than a Netflix binge of “The Tiger King”.

And both of these Final Fantasy VII veterans have a lot to say about this long-anticipated remake of a game that each of them has played through at least 4x each.

What they discover is a game that has largely improved upon the original, but they wonder if the addition of the Whispers convolutes the plot, which has now gone off the rails.
The original Final Fantasy VII now feels like the “Sparknotes” version of this larger, fuller, and richer game.

LlamaPocket has nostalgia for Final Fantasy VII because it was his first real RPG experience, and he explains how revolutionary it was on the Playstation.
LaughingMan still defends his desire to name his first son “Vincent”, and Llama takes the piss.

We try to discuss exactly what the Whispers are, and we spin speculations of whether or not Aerith and Sepheroth are actually self-aware in the FF7 Remake of the events of the original. However, in doing so, it now appears to keep the original Final Fantasy 7 as canon.

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