UPDATES! YourBoyfriend: Day 1, Quarantines, and Body Pillow Dreams

UPDATES! YourBoyfriend: Day 1, Quarantines, and Body Pillow Dreams

UPDATES! YourBoyfriend: Day 1 is done just in time to keep you company for the mass quarantines. And now that we at BSG have nothing but time in confinement, more interesting content is inbound as well!

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NOTE: Don’t take our jokes over the outbreak and quarantines as anything more than our gallows humor. Laughing at a devastating virus robs it of some of its power over our emotions, and helps us get through this quagmire of conflicting information, civil idiocy, and media fear-mongering. Stay clean, stay healthy, stay informed, and stay rational!

LaughingMan and Fuboo update you on the goings ons at Black Shepherd Games and Inverted Mind Inc. The first part of Fuboo’s “YourBoyfriend” erotic horror visual novel is now on Patreon for the low, low entry price of a single dollar, so be sure to pick it up. The new “Day 1” game consists of new artwork and music by Fuboo, as well as new backgrounds by the artist, Blasticheart. The script from the YourBoyfriend Demo has been completely rewritten, expanded upon, and given more options during your initial encounter with the mysterious stranger who considers himself to be your boyfriend.

Meanwhile, LaughingMan’s 2TB hard drive died, wiping out a lot of his projects and games. However, the game streams with the Patreon and SubscribeStar supporters are still backed up and we’ll be rolling them out. Additionally, LaughingMan is working on a video that teases the horror game project that he and Nat have been working on.

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