NightCry, the spiritual successor of the Clock Tower horror games, is an unstable Kickstarted mess, and should not be operated while sober.

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Because we’re masochists, Nat and LaughingMan invite our resident furry, VideoGameHunter, for a second (and last) round of the Kickstarter funded horror game, NightCry. However, the gang decides to have a bit to drink to ease the pain of dealing with the endless game crashes, insane plot and dialogue, and the protagonist’s horrible run animations and blow up doll expression. Every time the game crashes, they take a shot (on top of the couple they have before hand). After a very rough start, and two prior attempts to even launch the game that we’ve omitted for the sake of your sanity, we set out to survive the terror of the Scissorman- …er, Scissorwalker.

After dodging a possessed serving cart that killed a cruise ship servant, and mourning over the broken and bloodied dishes, we search for a replacement fuse to use the elevator. After spending four quarters to get a wedding ring from a severed hand in a Coke machine, we look for more spare change to do laundry and possibly get the other half of our jerky boyfriend out of another vending machine. We find corpses hanging around and around and around from a ceiling fan, and fend off the Scissorwalker with a fire extinguisher.

And then the game finally starts to crash again, leading us to rage quit.

Original Air Date: July 21, 2019

Watch the full playthrough here:

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