In Nightmare Creatures II, we’re escaping from a hospital of horrors, hacking up gruesome mutants with an axe, navigating through the blinding darkness, and rocking out to the music of Rob Zombie.
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We play Konami’s gory survival horror game, “Nightmare Creatures II” on the PlayStation (PSX). As a “patient” of the mad mutant experiments by the occultist Adam Crowley, we escape from his horrific 1934 genetics hospital and battle hordes of monsters and mutant creatures with an axe. All while rocking out to the music of Rob Zombie.

Conversation Topics:

  • Steam is flooded with Japanese Hentai visual novels. We’re pro-free-market and all, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous.
  • People tried to get The Supreme Court of the United States to ban pornography. The Supreme Court said it could be banned if there was no artistic value, “I’ll know it when I see it.” Another member of the supreme justice was blind and had to have the pornography explained to them.
  • LlamaPockets tells LaughingMan horror stories working on the support lines for DirecTV: Perverts calling the female representatives, and an ex-nun calls about her porn bill. The perverts come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.
  • LaughingMan recalls a video about why Nuns and Priests take vows of chastity and poverty: it may have been a Catholic doctrine to keep church members from becoming too corrupt with power and using it to gain sexual and financial favors. They briefly discuss the movie “Spotlight” and the Netflix documentary series, “The Keepers”. Both involve the abuse scandals behind the Catholic church.
  • Real life is more horrific than anything in a video game or movie, because too often art imitates life. The most horrible thing you can imagine, someone’s already done. Like Countess Elizabeth B├íthory who allegedly bathed in the blood of young girls, and tortured women to death. Although it may all have been a conspiracy to remove her from power.

Original Air Date: June 15, 2019

Watch the full playthrough here: THE TALES OF TWO BOOMERS Part 3 | NIGHTMARE CREATURES II (Full Stream)

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