Unreal Engine Hates Doors | Nat is Making HappyWorldLand (Un)Real?

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Unreal Engine Hates Doors | Nat is Making HappyWorldLand (Un)Real?

Nat streams Unreal Engine 4 game development for her University project. Her goal? Create a rough mock-up of LaughingMan’s “HappyWorldLand” survival horror game pitch. The problem? The Unreal Engine hates doors (specifically changing pivot points).

Nat is using Unreal Engine in order to make a vertical slice of a horror game inspired by LaughingMan’s horror game pitch. However, the true horror is that apparently changing an object’s pivot point in the Unreal Engine is a chore. It takes a few hours of searching various online programming and Unreal Engine forums only to discover that a seemingly simple pivot point change is either a paid add-on, or requires some crafty tinkering. Take a look behind the curtain at what early video game programming REALLY looks like.

Stream Date: December 26, 2019

on https://www.twitch.tv/blackshepherdgames

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