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LaughingMan and LlamaPockets play Capcom’s hidden gem, Demon’s Crest for the Super Nintendo. In light of the Final Fantasy announcements at E3 2019, they debate whether Final Fantasy VIII was good or not.
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Capcom’s ‘Demon’s Crest’, or ‘Demon’s Blazon’ in Japan, is not only one of Capcom’s greatest 16-bit games, but one of the best 2D platformers of any generation. Demon’s Crest has some of the best Gothic music and most detailed graphics of the SNES library. Capcom was on its game for this underrated Super Nintendo Classic. LlamaPockets makes the claim that the visual style was made to show off muscles, as all of the enemies seem to Cross-fit in Hell.

Conversation Topics:

  • LaughingMan shows how the ‘jaggies’ in old school video games aren’t correctly represented in the 8-bit and pixel art styles of modern indie games like Shovel Knight. Old CRT televisions had distortion, dithering, and color-bleed. The effect made the images much smoother than what people believe old school retro games look like.
  • In Demon’s Crest, boss enemies don’t have health bars. Instead, they gradually change color to indicate how close they are to defeat.
  • Todd Howard and Elon Musk at E3 2019 regarding games that you can play in your Tesla. Especially Beach Buggy Racing 2. Hopefully while not driving…
  • The Catherine remake is going to be great, but will you get kicked off Twitch for streaming it?
  • Our thoughts on game-streaming services like Google Stadia, and video games as as service vs physical copies.
  • LlamaPockets is jacked about his Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-ordered steelbook edition. DukeCT says he’s going to wait for the full version to come out. It might be a decent way to spend his Social Security money when it finally does.
  • LlamaPockets’ friend was having problems looking past the graphics of older games.
  • LaughingMan and LlamaPockets are on opposite sides of the Final Fantasy VIII (remaster) divide: LaughingMan thought that the story of Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VIII was incoherent, convoluted, and unmemorable. LlamaPockets praises its more mature themes and how it evolved the graphical capabilities of the Playstation.
  • Which side of the debate are you on?

Original Air Date: June 15, 2019
Watch the full playthrough here:

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